Living the Premium Lifestyle

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have. There are no financial guarantees.

Promoter Lynsey Gollehon
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in change

E.R. nurse Lynsey Gollehon loved caring for people, but the job took her away from her own family. Now, as a THRIVE Promoter, she has a more balanced life It was January 2021, and Lynsey Gollehon, who worked as an ER nurse on a trauma team, was on the verge […]

Promoter Meredith Fuller
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in yourself

After the THRIVE Experience put a smile back on her face, Meredith Fuller discovered how to help others find happiness, too In 2016, Meredith Fuller often began her day crying in the shower. “I was a mess,” says the mom of two. Fuller, who was home-schooled and never attained her […]

Promoter Hannah Cress
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in commitment

Tired mom Hannah Cress was looking for increased appetite management and more energy. THRIVE has given her that, and so much more Just over a year ago, Hannah Cress remembers leaving Old Navy in tears. She’d gone to buy a pair of jeans so she could go to watch one […]

Promoter Margie Benton
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in filling your cup

Margie Benton stays busy running a manufacturing company while helping others fulfill their dreams – and she’s not about to slow down Margie Benton was in a panic. It was March of 2019, and Benton, who worked 70 hours per week running a company, was headed to the airport before […]

Promoter Nikki Lewien
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in dreaming bigger

Nikki Lewien fantasized about escaping the Kansas winters for the beaches of Miami. Then, a THRIVE Promoter showed her how to make her dream a reality In the fall of 2017, Nikki Lewien’s world began to crumble. Lewien, who had been successful working for a direct sales company that sold […]

Promoter Meredith Wright
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in sharing your story

After the THRIVE Experience inspired Meredith Wright’s weight- loss journey, she knew she had to share it with others Meredith Wright couldn’t believe her eyes. It was August 2019, and she saw a Facebook post of a friend she hadn’t seen all summer. The woman, who taught at the Christian […]