Lissa Quinlan
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Sense of purpose

It took a long time for Lissa Quinlan to discover who she was and what she was meant to do. Now, as a Promoter, she’s found her life’s mission

Unmotivated. Moody. Unhappy. That’s how Lissa Quinlan describes how she felt seven years ago. “I was in a funk and didn’t know what to do with myself,” says Quinlan, who had bounced around trying different jobs but had never found anything she was particularly excited to do.

“I snapped at others and was generally unpleasant to be around.”

Her life partner, Brent, ran a home-based business where she worked as his secretary for a few years, “but I just found myself going down a rabbit hole,” she says. “I didn’t know who I was or what I was meant to do.”

Around that time, a neighbor gave her a sample of the THRIVE Experience to try. “I really had no interest,” she says. “I had vitamin packs in my pantry that I didn’t even use because they didn’t make any difference.”

But her neighbor explained how THRIVE’s premium grade vitamins could help her with mood support and energy, so she decided to give it a try. On Day 1, she noticed an instant energy boost and suddenly found herself eager to do chores around her family’s farm. On the second and third nights, she was surprised to have enjoyed a more restful sleep. Those around her noticed she seemed happier, and even her horses seemed to detect a difference.

Quinlan, who participates in team cattle penning competitions, says the THRIVE Experience gave her a sense of calm that her horses picked up on. “I have very high-caliber horses, and the calmness that emanated from my body transferred into one of my horses who was hot,” she says. “As I THRIVED, the whole barn THRIVED with me.”

As Quinlan felt her mood transform, a lightbulb went off. “I thought that if the THRIVE Experience could change my life, maybe I could help other people change their lives, too,” she says.

“I finally understood I was put on this earth to help others. I’d found myself, and I liked what I saw.”

So, Quinlan signed up to be a Promoter and vowed to make it her mission to help people feel better. She recruited Brent to be a Promoter, too; then, she signed up her mother, sister and brother-in-law. As she watched her family THRIVE, Quinlan realized how much joy she felt from seeing others become their best selves. “I finally understood I was put on this earth to help others,” she says. “I’d found myself, and I liked what I saw.”

She committed herself to working on her new business and posted regularly on social media. “I love talking about the THRIVE Experience, but my posts are more than just the products,” says Quinlan. “People want to see happiness.” With that in mind, she began to regularly post photos of her dogs, cats and horses, “because they fill my heart.”

She also logged in many hours a day on her phone and computer, connecting with potential THRIVERS and coaching her team members. “Success doesn’t just happen,” she says. “It’s not luck. It’s hard work.”
With intense focus and dedication, Quinlan reached her 200K VIP rank in April of 2019. That same year, her mom achieved her 80K rank and her sister, brother-in-law and partner had all reached the 40K rank milestone.

While she’s thrilled to have earned Le-Vel’s highest rank achievable at the time of this publication, Quinlan is even more proud that she’s been able to help members of her team achieve results, too. “If your focus is only on the money you’re going to make, you’re never going to be successful,” she says. “But when you’re focused on changing lives – that’s what really keeps you going!”

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