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Feeling Great

Mind Over Matter

How you score on intelligence tests may have little to do with what you achieve in life. We all have that one friend who is a font of knowledge. They’ve read War and Peace, watch the Discovery Channel and know all the high-scoring words in Scrabble. And then there’s the […]


Trends for the year

High-tech treatments and multisensory experiences  are among the latest developments in wellness. Some wellness fads come and go, while others have staying power and proven benefits. As new movements emerge each year, scientific research and advanced technologies reveal better ways to improve physical and mental health. This year’s most popular wellness […]

Good Life

What’s Brewing?

Warm up and unwind with one of these popular herbal teas From tea-inspired cocktails (this was the summer for the Matcha Mule) to loose-leaf, cold-brew concoctions, there are endless ways to enjoy tea. As fall approaches, here are five hot herbal varieties to try: Fit for Royalty Teapigs Liquorice and […]