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Playtime for Pups

These smart dog toys exercise your pooch’s mind and body

We get it. As much as you’d like to play fetch with your pet all afternoon, responsibilities often stand in the way. Fortunately, there are some pretty cool, interactive dog toys and feeding options that will keep your pup entertained when you’re occupied. Here are some fun options:

StarMark Treat Dispensing Bob-A-Lot Dog Toy

Want to exercise your pooch and feed them at the same time? This nifty toy entices your dog to play with a weighted device with anti-slip bottom which provides hours of wobbly fun. The large version fits up to three cups of food, which is enough for a full meal. In addition, adjustable openings at the top and bottom of the toy accommodate most types of dog food and allow you to regulate the difficulty level of accessing the treats.

Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel

What pet doesn’t like to play hide-and-seek? The Hide A Squirrel dog puzzle keeps your furry friend engaged for hours. Just fill the trunk with six squeaky squirrels and your pup’s natural hunting instincts will kick in. And the toy’s stuffed plush texture is easy on the teeth, making it a good choice for puppies and adult dogs.

Aïkiou Feeder and Playset

Believe it or not, most pets would rather “hunt” for their food than simply eat it straight from a bowl. Enter the The Aïkiou interactive feeder, which requires dogs to think in order to open its compartments for kibble. The puzzle feeder/game includes 14 different containers to fill with food to satisfy your pooch’s natural hunting instincts while encouraging slower eating.

Varram Pet Fitness Robot

A robot companion for your pet? It exists! The Varram Pet Fitness Robot is an interactive treat dispenser and playmate for both dogs and cats. You can program the robot to play with your pet even when you’re away. It zooms around the house, dispensing treats automatically. Sixteen different play modes keep your dog or cat busy as the robot glides over a variety of surfaces. It moves in patterns that are difficult to predict so that your pet won’t get bored. Simply access an app from your smartphone to schedule and manage playtime, treat dispensing, treat counts and sleep time, or control the robot manually for spontaneous play. Got a tough chewer? No worries, the robot stands up to tough play and is waterproof to boot.