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Going Remote

Your places to get work done on the road…psst, none of them are coffee shops

Forget Starbucks. Yes, coffee houses can be convenient spots to get some work done while traveling (especially if they have free Wi-Fi!) but many are becoming overcrowded with people who have the same idea as you do. Fortunately, most cities have a variety of public areas that can provide convenient temporary workspaces. Here are four spots to consider for remote working on the road:


You may not have time on your next business trip to tour the local museum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work inside one. One example: the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has an outdoor installation with a seating area where business travelers can sneak in some work; you can even use the museum’s free Wi-Fi to connect. Some museums and art galleries also feature relaxing cafes where work can be done. For instance, the Cosmic Cafe at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium serves up tasty lunches and the best view of the Chicago skyline.

Hotel lobbies

While they may be bustling on weekends or on peak travel days, during the week, the lobbies of swanky hotels are often deserted, making them ideal spots for catching up on phone calls or emails. They usually have excellent Wi-Fi and a business center where (for a fee), you can print documents or send a fax. When you get hungry, order a snack or a beverage at the lobby bar and indulge in some people watching. It will cost you about the same as a trip to the coffee shop and you’ll be considerably more comfortable.


If you don’t need to make phone calls, libraries are great places to work remotely because they have everything you need, including tables, chairs, and even private rooms in which to work. You can select a desk and hunker down for hours of work without dozens of people chatting around you. Bonus: Many libraries boast stunning architecture. For example, the 11-story Seattle Central Library is an architectural marvel, featuring a towering “living room” that reaches 50 feet in height and a brightly lit “Red Room” on the 4th floor that is illuminated with deep crimson and red lights. When you’re ready for a break, take an inspiring tour through the stacks.

Fitness centers

Lots of bigger gyms and sports clubs have smoothie bars and cafes that include seating areas where you can make calls or work on your laptop. And many, such as Equinox, offer free Wi-Fi. If you’re not a member, inquire about a day pass. Then, once you’ve wrapped up your work for the day, you can unwind with a yoga class or relax in the sauna.