Feeling Inspired

It’s the Climb

Gain a new perspective, and newfound confidence, by scaling a summit

Feeling unfocused or overburdened by life’s challenges? Go climb a rock.

While bouldering is an ideal way to build muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance, it’s also a natural brain-booster. A study from the University of North Florida found that after two hours of climbing, participants’ working memory capacity had increased by a whopping 50 percent. And recent research from Indiana University reveals that outdoor rock climbing can create a sense of euphoria and dramatically reduce stress levels.

Rock climbing also promotes creative thinking, as the movement of scaling a rock demands body awareness, focus, and problem-solving.

But climbers say one of the biggest benefits of bouldering is boosting self-esteem. As you become more confident in your ability to pull up to that last tough hold, you realize that everyday challenges can be overcome with hard work.

So lace up your hiking shoes, get outside, and enjoy the climb.

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