Living the Premium Lifestyle

A Life Transformed

Becoming a Promoter gave Alison Rattai unimaginable freedom.

The year before she started THRIVING, Alison Rattai lost her mother to breast cancer just one year after her diagnosis. “She was 66 and too young, and I was lost in grief,” Rattai says. “I was exhausted from painting a fake smile on my face and trying to go on each day with two small kids and a job.”

Rattai, who’s based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, decided to reach out to a friend to ask her about the THRIVE Experience she’d heard about. “I had always been a very active, outgoing and positive person, but I was slipping away,” she says. “I just wanted to feel like me again.”

When Rattai first tried the THRIVE Experience, she loved her job as a junior high school teacher and had no plans to become a Promoter. “By my third day THRIVING, I knew I could never go a day without the products, and I wanted my family and friends to THRIVE as well,” says Rattai, who became a Promoter that day. “I stopped drinking my daily two cups of coffee, and the fogginess was gone.” 

She started sharing her THRIVE Experience on social media to an overwhelming response.

My kids get the very best of me now. I love showing them that a healthy, active lifestyle is so important.”

“Everyone wanted to have more energy and to be more present in their lives,” Rattai says. “This life is beautiful, but it can be challenging with how busy everyone is. I knew I had something that would help people live their best lives.”

By Day 10, Rattai was sleeping soundly and waking up with a newfound energy. By the end of her 8-Week THRIVE Experience, she was making smarter food choices, hitting the gym every day and being more patient with her kids. Between months four and six, she had lost 20 pounds.

“Today, four years later, I’ve lost over 30 pounds. Nutrition and exercise have become a huge part of my life,” Rattai says. “We live between hockey rinks, volleyball and gymnastics. We’re busy, and I love every second of it. My kids get the very best of me now. I love showing them that a healthy, active lifestyle is so important.” 

Nine months after hitting the Promoter button, Rattai’s team hit 200K. “It was the same month that I got the keys to my new home, so my kids and I could start over,” she says. “I’m a stay-at-home mompreneur who time-blocks Le-Vel into my day. I can work this mobile business anywhere.”

While Rattai had been nervous to leave her teaching job, she can’t believe how her life has transformed. “I had the mom who was always at every game, every event and every celebration,” she says. “I always dreamed of being able to be that mom for my children. Their training, games and tournaments are my priority, and Le-Vel allows me to build my schedule around them all. If I was still teaching, I wouldn’t have that flexibility. To me, that’s everything.”

When Rattai was at a recent Le-Vel Getaway in San Francisco, she rented a bike and while  “riding across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time ever,” found she had “tears running down my face,” she says. “That day will forever stand out as the day I really realized the freedom Le-Vel has given me.”

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