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Smooth Operator: Tesla Model S

Quick and nimble, the Tesla Model S is being touted as the ‘king of all electrics’ 

It boasts up to 337 miles of range and its makers say that its air filter can protect occupants from bioweapons and pollutants. Oh, and did we mention it’s drop-dead gorgeous? That’s the buzz on the street about the new Tesla Model S.

The Need for Speed

Since the introduction of the electric vehicle, some auto enthusiasts have had doubts as to whether the performance of an EV could ever match that of a gasoline-powered vehicle. The Model S answers that question with a resounding “yes.” The “slowest” Model S achieves zero to 60 mph in just over four seconds. The high-performance P100D hits 60 mph from a dead stop in 2.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest street-legal cars in the world. The Model S is quick, nimble, and exciting.

When you’re done taking it for a spin, expect
an elevated heart rate.

Give It a Charge

The Model S lineup of vehicles start with a range of 260 miles for the base model and increase to 335 miles per charge for the 100D. When you’re ready to charge, you can use a standard 120V outlet, or, if available, you can charge much more quickly with a 240V outlet. And you can take advantage of Tesla’s nationwide network of Supercharger Stations, where a full charge takes only about half an hour.

Sleek Yet Roomy

While the Model S drives like a high-performance sports car, when you’re behind the wheel, you’ll find yourself sitting in the lap of luxury. The interior treatments and materials are comparable to anything class-rivals BMW and Mercedes have to offer. There is plenty of leg and head room, and excellent driver visibility is augmented by a massive rear-view camera display.

The Model S also offers an impressive array of technology. The central display plays much like an on-board tablet, and the Autopilot feature is eye-opening, although it will take some getting used to.

The Verdict

The 2018 Tesla Model S delivers thrilling performance, a wow-worthy electric range and cool tech-nology. If you’ve been contemplating buying a luxury electric vehicle, take the Model S for a test drive.