Living the Premium Lifestyle

Doubling The Success

Sarah and Chris Fryer have built a whole new lifestyle for their family that includes seeing the world together.

After Sarah Fryer’s husband, Chris, lost his job, she struggled for a couple of years to make just one-quarter of what her family needed to live on. “I was trying to cover expenses so our family of three could eat,” she says.

Then, in early 2017, she learned about becoming a Promoter. “I was a total skeptic when I decided to start my THRIVE Experience,” says Fryer, who by Day 3 was hopping out of bed before her alarm, and felt loads of energy and a balanced focus. “I called a friend and said, ‘I finished my whole pile of ironing.’ For people who know me, that was huge.”

Within five weeks, Fryer had achieved 80K status. “It was all or nothing,” she says. “I had to make this work.” 

After 14 weeks, Chris told her, “I’m all in,” and they started working together as a couple, which they say has been a powerful partnership. 

“My husband focuses on exposing people to the products and sending samples,” Fryer says, “and I expose people to the opportunity of running their own business.”

The Fryers won £250,000 on the U.K. gameshow “Red or Black” in 2012. “We chose to purchase a smaller home outright with that money so we could live debt free,” says Sarah, who plans to build their dream home with cash. “We don’t ever want to have a mortgage, and we’re getting closer every day to having the money we need to do it.”

Always be the hardest-working person in the room.”

The family loves their newfound ability to travel. “We’ve never had success like this before,” says Sarah, who just booked an eight-night Christmastime trip to Disney World in Orlando for her family. “That trip was on our 6-year-old son’s dream board.”

The Le-Vel Getaways also have been great, Sarah says, since she and Chris can see the world as a couple and show their network what’s possible as Promoters. “We’re also going on a two-week, all-inclusive trip to Spain and paid for Chris’ parents to come,” she says. “I also fly out U.S.-based members of my team to meet the rest of us. When I change other people’s lives, I change mine. I hold that close to my heart.”

Sarah is huge on personal development. “Tony Robbins once said he spends 30 minutes a day reading,” she says. “That’s why I read books about motivation and leadership for an hour daily.” She travels the world to attend growth seminars with powerhouses like Robbins. “The law of attraction really works for me,” she says. “I keep the positive in and push the negative out.” 

A professional dancer for 11 years, Fryer listens to ’90s music and theater anthems “to put fire in my belly,” she says. “I play songs I love when I want to get pumped up for a call.” 

“I always thought I had to work 17 hours a day,” Fryer says. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I can be Sarah, a wife and a mom.”

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have.
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